We take seriously the “one another” commands in the New Testament. It was one of the reasons for starting LHBC many years ago, and the “one another’s” has increasingly become a topic of discussion, learning, and practice. As a result, we have various ministries focused on growing in our understanding and application of those commands.

Weekly fellowship

With perhaps the exception of a few weeks per year, our normal weekly fellowship consists of the following.

Prayer meeting typically on a Saturday morning and then again before the service on Sunday.

Home-groups at various times of the week and locations of the city to make it accessible to as many as possible. All the home-groups follow the same kind of discussion plan to unite the fellowship across the church in spite of the smaller groups. See our Home-group page for the commitments of our home-groups.

Youth meet weekly on Friday nights to develop their Bible knowledge, interaction with one another, and preparation for adult life.

Monthly fellowship

On the first Saturday of every month the men hold a breakfast and the ladies an afternoon tea. Each of these help tremendously in building relationships with one another, and each of them focus on teaching pertinent to the group.

Whenever a month has a fifth Sunday, we stay after church for a church picnic with the purpose of getting to know those whom you might not regularly fellowship with.

Opportunistic fellowship

Biblical counsellors are continuously being trained and are available when more individual spiritual, emotional, and mental help is required by one another. These counsellors are also available at times to those outside the congregation as a way in which we minister to our greater community.

Hospitality is practiced on individual levels and is our way to find more ways to spend time together with one another, strengthening each other for the work of godliness and evangelism.