Pastor and Elders

The pastors and elders lead the Church as spiritual shepherds of the flock and overseers of the ministries of LHBC. The following men are the current elders of LHBC.

Andrew Zekveld became our pastor on the 1st of June, 2015. Before that, he was the Associate Pastor at Grace Fellowship church in Pretoria for just over four years. Andrew realised his sinfulness and repented of his sins at age twelve through the faithful parenting of his Christian parents, including faithful church attendance for as long as he can remember. He trained for the ministry under John MacArthur at The Master’s Seminary and graduated at the end of 2010. He is married to Victoria and they have four children.

Ryan Mitchell became our second pastor at the beginning of 2024. Ryan studied at The Master’s Seminary after which he returned to South-Africa and helped some smaller seminaries in significant administrative and leadership ways. He then went to Papua New Guinea as a missionary of FinisTerre Mission for a number of years working as a translator. He is married to Elna and they have two children.

Sanele Ngobese and his family joined LHBC at the end of 2017. He works as a civil engineering technologist for a local engineering firm. By studying God’s Word, while still part of the Twelve Apostles faith, the Lord opened Sanele’s eyes to the truth of who Jesus Christ truly is and what Jesus Christ has all accomplished. He is married to Sphumelelo, and they have three young children.

Trayton Dougherty was among the original members who planted the church. He farms just outside Pietermaritzburg. Trayton grew up in a non-religious home, responded to the Gospel call as a young man in the Charismatic movement, and then came to a clearer knowledge of God’s glory and grace as he was exposed to expository preaching. He is married to Lauren, and they have four children.

Jan Kriel joined LHBC in 2019. He grew up in a missionary home in northern KwaZulu-Natal and currently works as a doctor in a local government hospital. The Lord saved him at a young age, and laid a burden on his heart for the spread of the Good News of Jesus Christ as revealed to us all through the Scriptures.

Deacons and Their Wives

The deacons and their wives oversee some of the practical ministries of the Church that require great spiritual leadership but should not distract the elders from their primary work. The following men and their wives oversee these particular areas of practical need.

Peter and Audrey Hundermark are our Deacons of Fellowship and Prayer, overseeing the ministry to one another of visitation and fellowship. Our prayer meetings are also arranged by them and any specific prayer needs among one another can be given to them to be shared with those who are so very keen to bring everything to the Lord in prayer.

Leon and Marie van Kralingen are our Deacons of Practical Assistance, providing a contact point for practical ways in which we can be of help to one another. They are able to assess the need, they know who can be of help, and will direct us to one another to help one another in the best possible way.