What you can expect at our Sunday gathering

Church Service (approximately 90 minutes)

  • Song and prayer
  • Announcements
  • Prayer
  • Scripture reading and prayer
  • Songs and prayer
  • Sermon and prayer
  • Lord’s Supper (every other week)
  • Song
  • Benediction

Fellowship tea-break to care for one another (approximately 30 minutes)

Bible Hour on various doctrinal and godliness topics (approximately 50 minutes)

Bible Translation: Our services are in English and the Bible translation used is primarily the English Standard Version (ESV)

Dress: Most dress smart casual with an emphasis on modesty and appropriateness

Fifth Sunday: On the occasion that a particular month has five Sundays, that fifth Sunday will be a time of extra fellowship instead of Bible Hour. Bring a lunch to share and join us for a church picnic. Though this is a fairly recent addition to our fellowship, it has been very meaningful for those who want to speed up their participation in fellowship with one another.


There is enough parking inside the church property at the side and back of the main building.

Some individuals have enjoyed parking undercover on the northern side of Liberty Mall and then walked over to the Church property. It is 400 metres and about a 5 minute walk.

A car-guard is available to keep an eye on the vehicles to reduce the risk of break-ins and theft. He is hired by LHBC, will be clearly identified, and will not require a tip.

What about my children?

We have made the following arrangements for the many families with children of all ages. The goal is for the parents to participate in the worship service and for the children to grow in understanding how Christians worship.

Parents with little children
We have a dedicated spot at the back for you to sit with your little children. There is extra space between the chairs for you to put a small blanket down and occupy them with some quiet toys and snacks. A little noise isn’t a problem, but if you need to take them out, you will be near the main door and can use it without worrying about distracting the rest of the congregation.

4-10 year olds
We have Sunday school for children aged 4-10. The children join us for the prayers, singing and Bible reading, and then leave for their class when the sermon begins. This is optional at the discretion of the parents.

10+ Youth and Teenagers
Children older than 10 years old are encouraged to sit through the entire service to observe how believers worship. This has historically been the most fruitful evangelistic age in Christian homes and the Church, and we pray fervently that their quiet observation will be transformed into heart worship.

More questions?

For directions and service time, go to our Contact page.

If there is anything you would like to discuss with us before or after visiting, send us a note on or