Proverbs 30:5a says this:

Every word of God proves true

Proverbs 30:5a

“proves true” is, however, merely the conclusion of a very vivid language study. The vivid picture behind the word translated as “proves true” is that of smelting ore to produce a more pure form of the valuable silver or gold. The original ore is a mixture of rock and, let’s say, gold. When it is all smelted, the rock and the gold separate. The gold is kept, the rock and other materials present are consider impurities and removed as worthless dross. To produce a more-pure gold, this process is repeated, each time removing the further impurities that show themselves.

Although this picture of smelting is used in Proverbs 30:5, the idea of becoming more pure is not the point. It is not as though God’s Word originally contained errors and over time was tested and corrected. Not at all.

Instead, the word picture of Proverbs 30:5 is that of finding the purest of gold ever discovered, smelting it over and over and over again to find even the slightest of impurities, and still not finding any. Such gold is not only discovered in a pure form, but has been proven to be pure.

God’s word is both pure from it’s very origin, and it is proven to be pure through even the harshest of tests.

Literally, Proverbs 30:5a can be translated as “Every word of God is continually tested and still proven to be pure”

The application is simple: With God’s word as your instructor in life, you are kept safe from a sinful, foolish, and worthless life.

Every word of God proves true;

he is a shield to those who take refuge in him

Proverbs 30:5