Go to all the world, our Lord instructed, and then, starting local and spreading out, the Apostles did so. We too, after building up the saints at LHBC for ministry (Eph 4:12), and ministering to our own city and province, seek to always maintain a global mindset.

The following missionaries have been adopted by LHBC for prayer and encouragement, and where needed and possible, financial support.

If you want to be added to any of the Newsletter or WhatsApp groups of our missionaries, please contact us for their information.

Izak and Taryn Bakkes in Gqeberha (Port Elizabeth)

Pastor of Redeemer Fellowship, Izak arrived at this church years ago to revitalise an established church that has been through some difficult times. We pray for them regularly as an expression of our care for other national churches.

Amelia Myburgh for Papua New Guinea

Born and raised in South-Africa, Amelia went as a missionary assistant to Papua New Guinea alongside missionaries of FinisTerre Mission. One one of her return visits she met and married a young man of our Church where they now reside. She is still actively involved with the translation work of the Bible into the language of one of the smaller people groups in Papua New Guinea.

Darren and Andrea van Rensburg, Ecuador

Darren oversees much of the prayer training and ministry for Operation Mobalisation in Latin America. After ministering in Quito, Darren and Andrea are relocating to Saraguro, with the desire to start up a Gospel ministry to children (and their parents).