In all these ministries, the Lord seems to open and close doors continually. Nonetheless, we remain ready and eager to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our own family, friends, colleagues, neighbourhoods, and city. With almost a million people in-and-around Pietermaritzburg, there is a great work in the Lord’s harvest to participate in.

Evangelism through personal relationships

The most basic form of local outreach is always personal evangelism as believers scatter across the city during the week by the Lord’s design. Be it short Gospel tracts made available for all to use, or sitting with an unsaved friend counselling them from God’s Word through the troubles of life, we trust that God’s Word will indeed accomplish the work that it does so well (Is 55:6-11).

Evangelism through social kindness

The Gospel is always easily shared when accompanied by providing necessities and care to the poor and destitute, the widows and orphans. The Lord, at times, grants opportunities to collect, sort, and donate clothing to the more rural areas of our province, which is then accompanied by a trusted Zulu-speaking preacher of the Gospel.

Evangelism at specific places

The Lord has opened a door very wide for us at a local retirement home, where we offer a Sunday morning service at least twice a month and can visit throughout the week. This is where the preachers and the children among us have opportunity to minister Truth and grace to others, many of whom do not yet walk in the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Occasionally, a small group of believers will also gather at a local shopping mall to hand out tracts, speak to individuals, and leave a Gospel imprint on their hearts while many others in LHBC pray earnestly for them.